Virginia ACT Leadership Council Names DRMC Assistant Administrator as New Chair

September 23, 2016

Danville Regional Medical Center (DRMC) is pleased to announce that Leslie Smith-Sturdivant, DRMC Assistant Administrator has been named Chair of the Virginia ACT State Leadership Council. Leslie has served on the Virginia ACT Leadership Council since fall of 2013. Focusing on the needs of Virginia, the organization: 

- supports and promotes education and career planning 
- coordinates and leads professional development opportunities 
- identifies educational issues and service needs 
- identifies barriers to college and workplace readiness 
- communicates research, tools, and other information on college and work

“ACT State Councils provide opportunities for ACT to work with and support a variety of K-12, postsecondary, and workforce initiatives that are important to Virginia,” said Scott Montgomery, Vice President of Policy, Advocacy, and Government Relations at ACT. “Leslie will provide leadership for the Virginia State Council. We look forward to working with Leslie in support of college and career readiness initiatives in Virginia.” 

Suzanne Conquest, Director of State Organizations at ACT, added, “Leslie will bring fresh perspective on how we can improve the educational and workforce landscape in Virginia.”

“As a teaching hospital, education is a focal point for DRMC. In addition to the 78 medical students and resident physicians at DRMC, in the past year we have hosted more than 225 students, including those enrolled in the DRMC Radiologic Technology Program and other fields such as nursing, pharmacy and respiratory therapy to name a few.  These students represent more than 20 colleges including Duke University, University of North Carolina, James Madison University, Virginia Commonwealth University and many others,” says Alan Larson, Market President and DRMC Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “Leslie has a true passion for helping others excel and I know she will represent DRMC well as Chair of this council.” 

“ACT is about making a difference in all it does,” says Leslie Smith-Sturdivant. “One of the main reasons I joined the Virginia ACT Council was to help further support learning paths for students, especially in the health sciences. I’m looking forward to working with the National ACT and the Virginia ACT Leadership Council to continue helping individuals achieve education and workplace success.”