Family Birthing Center

At Sovah Health's Family Birthing Center, we have an entirely new birth experience. Our family-centered care means the focus is on the togetherness of the family, so you can cherish every moment. It’s an entirely new philosophy that recognizes the birth of a baby is also the birth of a family. With that in mind, all baby care, including baths, physicals and routine observation is completed in your room.

Family Bonding

Because the baby care takes place in your room, you share more special moments and have more quiet time getting to know your baby.

Parenting Confidence

You and your baby will begin to learn your family routine right from the start.

Easier Feeding

You and your partner will learn to respond to your baby’s hunger cues, without waiting on a nurse. If breastfeeding, you and your baby are more likely to get off to a good start.

Comfort and Amenities

With input from physicians and moms, like you, every aspect of our center has been designed with patients and their families in mind- from the expansive family waiting room with adjoining vending area to the new suites some of which have queen beds. Our rooms are elegant and designed to feel more like home, with special amenities like flat screen televisions and mini-fridge.

Personalized Labor and Delivery Options

Create the birth plan you desire with expanded options for pain management including jet tubs, birthing balls, and other physiologic techniques in addition to our epidural option.

Better Communication

Mother-baby nursing improves the lines of communication between the family, nurses and doctors. Your questions are answered quicker and the nurse can respond to your needs more easily.

Individualized Education

Families get one-on-one instruction and personal assistance with taking care of baby – from feeding to diapering to care of the umbilical cord. As a new parent you’ll leave the hospital more confident in your parenting skills.

Comprehensive Care

Your mother-baby nurse is expertly cross-trained to understand both parent and newborn needs, so your medical care is second to none.

Great medical care in a more personal package. When you get down to it, family –centered care is all about allowing you to create the birth experience you want. It is rooming-in with your family from the start. Your nurse is still the primary caregiver to help you those first days, and the nursery is available if and when you need a rest.

Mother's Resource Center

Sovah Health - Danville's Mother’s Resource Center was created with you in mind. The Center offers a full range of quality products and services to assist you in providing the best care for you and your baby. You can find the center on the 4th floor just beyond the nursery.  For more information, call 434.799.4486.

In stock items include: Breast Pump Rental Station; Medela Electric & Mannal Breast Pumps; Personal Fit Breast Shields; Cleaning Products for Pumps & Pump Parts; Nipple Shields; Breast Milk Collection & Storage Bags; Disposable & Cotton Bra Pads; Tendercare Cream; Sore Nipple Shells; Inverted Nipple Shells; Nursing Stools; Maternity & Postpartum Supports; Comfort Nursing & Sleep Bras; Adiri Breastfeeding Bottle Nursers; Swaddling Blankets; Boppy Pillows; Baby Loungers; Pregnancy Wedges.


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