Medical Student Education Program

Medial Student Rotations:

The Sovah Health - Danville Medical Education Program hosts third and fourth-year medical students in a variety of rotations in hospital and physician-practice settings. The program strives to provide a patient-centric, evidence-based medicine educational experience in which learners gain valuable skills in examination techniques, differential diagnoses & therapeutic planning.  Under the mentorship of attending physicians, students learn to take a primary role in the care of their patients, participate in procedures, and gain professional interpersonal communication skills. Students work closely with interns, senior residents, residency faculty members, and local osteopathic and allopathic physicians who are “hands-on” and committed to providing the best possible learning experiences for learners in each discipline.  

Sovah Health - Danville is a core medical student site for:
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) – Virginia & Carolinas campuses & Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM)

Sovah Health - Danville is a core site for 3rd and 4th year medical students from Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Virginia campus (VCOM) and Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) medical students.  

Rotations are scheduled through the respective Clinical Coordinators at the medical schools who in turn work with the site Student Medical Education Coordinator.

3rd Year Rotations Available
Sovah Health - Danville is a core site for ten VCOM students for these third-year rotations: Internal Medicine I (Hospital Medicine), Internal Medicine II (Cardiology, Pulmonology), General Surgery, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Underserved Care, and Geriatrics (VCOM).

4th Year Rotations Available
Fourth-year elective and audition rotations are available on a limited basis: Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Critical Care, ENT, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Inpatient Internal Medicine, Outpatient Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Orthopedic Surgery, Pain Management, Pulmonology, Urology. Additional rotations may be available upon request. 

Audition/Visiting Student Rotations:
The Sovah Health - Danville Graduate Medical Education program accepts applications for visiting medical student rotations at Sovah Health - Danville.  An EXTERNAL STUDENT ROTATION APPLICATION must be completed and submitted to Laurie Galvez, Medical Student Coordinator at  The Sovah Health - Danville Graduate Medical Education master rotation schedules are developed annually in May/June, and visiting student rotations are approved based on the rotation(s) requested and whether the program’s master schedule can accommodate the request. Once the rotation is scheduled, the student is notified and the required documentation is requested.

The following audition rotation experiences give a broad overview of the Sovah Health - Danville Residency:

•    Program Family Medicine Experience: Audition students work one-on-one with residents, CORE faculty, and FM residency program director to experience outpatient family medicine at its finest. The experience includes clinical time in the residency clinic caring for patients of all ages with a wide breadth of acute and chronic conditions. Students have opportunities to participate in outpatient procedures and OMT, round at the nursing home practice, participate in the prenatal clinic, and have some reading time and practice management experiences.

•    Inpatient Hospital Medicine Team Experience:  Internal Medicine teams made up of senior residents, interns, and students with training and supervision by residency CORE faculty. Students participate in morning report, teaching rounds with bedside instruction, and learn to carry their own patients. 

•    Critical Care Experience: Students play an active role in the caring of patients in the ICU on this robust educational experience. During this rotation, students are part of a teaching team involving residents, interns, students and Critical Care Faculty. The students enjoy the thorough educational teaching rounds, mini-didactic sessions, and hands-on learning opportunities with the IM residency program director.

Available Lectures and Seminars 

Third and fourth-year student doctors are required to attend:
•    General didactic sessions, three days per week: Hour-long lectures featuring residency faculty, Sovah Health - Danville physicians, and guest physicians who cover a variety of healthcare topics 

•    IM or FM didactic sessions, two days per week: Activities such as IM or FM-specific teaching, case studies, procedural workshops, and Journal Clubs 

This time also includes time for the following monthly experiences:
•    Monthly OMM workshops: Teaching session and technique practice   
•    Monthly student rounds: Two-hour discussion of recent didactic topics and case studies
•    Monthly M&M meeting: Morbidity and mortality discussion with resident faculty, residents, and students
•    Monthly student case presentations: Prepared and presented by VCOM students for residents and students
•    Monthly medical student meeting: Students meeting with site coordinator to discuss program logistics and to give students the opportunity to give input and feedback 

Third and fourth-year student doctors are invited to attend:
•    Continuing Medical Education seminars: Monthly training sessions for health care professionals
•    Tumor Clinics: Review of recent cancer cases by surgeons, hematologists, oncologists 

VCOM Housing available for MS3 & MS4 non-Core medical students
The VCOM House, located at 769 Main Street in the Danville Educational, Arts & Cultural Center (DEACC), is a large furnished apartment with wireless internet, a common living space, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms. At a given time, up to five VCOM students may be assigned to stay at the apartment.  
Housing Resources for Visiting Students 
Many affordable housing options are available for students in Danville, including downtown lofts in the River District, popular with students and residents. The Sovah Health - Danville Residency Program publishes a guide listing property management companies and available properties in the spring of each year.  

Site Orientation 
Site orientation typically takes place the first day of the student’s first rotation at Sovah Health - Danville. The day includes a hospital tour, Meditech and PACS account set-ups and training, computer modules (for students completing multiple rotations at Sovah Health - Danville), and a review of the Sovah Health - Danville Medical Student Guide with the site coordinator. 

Meals Provided 
A meal allowance is provided to medical students and residents while on duty at Sovah Health - Danville. In addition, food, snacks, and beverages are provided in the Resident Pantry for students and residents to eat/drink while on duty.

On-Call Rooms 
On-call rooms are provided at Sovah Health - Danville for medical students to use as necessary.